Program Management

Merrill Engineering & Integration provides engineering program management services from the prototype and development phase to the implementation and production phase.  We excel at bringing programs to completion on time and within budget.  Being part of the Merrill Technologies Group allows us to draw from our vast manufacturing capabilities and resources.  We can engineer a product, develop a process and provide a successful launch.

Our services include:

  • Prototype design and build
  • Process development
  • Budget and schedule creation
  • Plant layout and planning
  • Customer training
  • Maintenance planning and service

Our secure 20,000 square foot prototype development facility is ideal for discreetly creating large products and bringing them to market.  Along with developing a product, we engineer the tools and equipment required for production and the documentation and training required for your workforce.  Merrill Engineering & Integration would not be an industry leader and full service provider without the exceptional program management we supply our customers.